Our Facilities


Our bright and airy classrooms encourage children to play because they feel relaxed, comfortable and ‘at home’ in them. They are designed to enrich and foster a positive learning experience, enhancing pupil well-being and a love of learning. Classrooms include holistic surroundings that have been planned for optimal participation and inclusion. They are well resourced with a large variety of learning materials to enable children to explore their environment independently. In addition, interactive smart boards provide a valuable learning tool that encourages children to engage with educational programmes.

Infant Class and
Sleeping Room

The infant classroom provides a warm, friendly, and safe environment for the youngest children at the nursery. With a lot of open space, it allows babies to crawl, climb, and take their first steps in soft spaces and under close supervision. The welcoming set-up encourages babies to relax, explore, and feel comfortable. Besides the infant playroom, we provide a separate sleeping and quiet area with individual cribs for each baby.


Our library is a shared area, accessible to all classes, where children’s language, literacy, and creativity are enhanced. A selection of books, story sacks, puppets, and musical instruments provide children with the opportunity to explore language in a fun and engaging way. As a nursery, catering for babies up to FS1, we provide a large variety of books about the alphabet, numbers and colours, nursery rhymes, favorite books and classics.

Outdoor Play Area

The 2 spacious, enclosed outdoor play areas provide children with freedom of movement. These areas are not only designed to support the development of gross and fine motor skills but also to strengthen muscles and body parts. Children are encouraged to explore exciting, challenging, and stimulating opportunities. Whilst playing outside, they can develop their physical skills, build their confidence, extend their imagination, make friends, and develop new skills.


The gym allows children to develop and explore their physical skills all year round. The play space provides children with a variety of exciting, challenging, and stimulating experiences. There is space for children to move freely and safely, as they explore both their fine and gross motor movements. Some of our extracurricular activities like football and karate are held in the gym.

Role Play Area

Our spacious common role play area provides children with a large variety of resources and imaginative situations. It encourages children to play independently and collaboratively in groups. Role play is an important part of child development, as it builds confidence, creativity and communication, physical development, and problem-solving. Along with being a fun activity, it also allows children to get into character and act out real-life roles or fictional performances.

Nurses Clinic

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases is a primary goal of the nurse, but she also has the task of promoting health and safety among the children, their families, and the staff. The nurse’s clinic provides necessary and mandatory equipment as per DOH regulations. The nurse provides an onsite assessment of a sick or injured child’s needs. She tracks each child’s medical records while they are enrolled, and also maintains records of each child’s physical development. The nurse provides training to the staff on topics such as sanitary diaper changing and proper hand washing procedures. She monitors the facilities for health issues and cleanliness while keeping the nurseries’ staff and parents informed about health care with an emphasis on preventative care.

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